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I am a big fan of the work of JV Baptie, a new Scottish crime fiction author whose first two novels, The Forgotten, and The Departed have been very well received following their releases in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

This page collects the links, reviews, interviews and anything else I can find. Please click the Like button at the bottom as there are frequent updates.

To contact JV Baptie or find out more:

Website: jvbaptie.com
Twitter: @jvbaptie
Facebook: @AuthorJVBaptie

JV Baptie’s publisher and GoodReads links

Publisher: Crooked Cat Books, JV Baptie’s Author Page
GoodReads: J.V. Baptie

Amazon.co.uk Links

JV Baptie Author Page
JV Baptie’s debut novel, The Forgotten, is available as a paperback and also on Kindle. Now an Amazon Bestseller!
JV Baptie’s second novel, The Departed, is available as a paperback and also on Kindle.
A previous short story, Stalker: WPC Mavis Hart, is available exclusively on Kindle.

There’s even a short story, WPC Mavis Hart, to read for free on her website.

Jodie on Radio Saltire

Jodie has recently started appearing as a radio presenter on Radio Saltire, the new FM radio station for East Lothian. She has been very successful at delivering a mix of interesting music, traffic and travel information, and charming chat, and rewarded with not one but two weekly shows! Drivetime on Tuesdays 5pm-7pm and Jukebox Jodie on Wednesdays 6pm-8pm.

Her page on the station site is here:- Jodie on Radio Saltire
Some shows available to stream for free:- Radio Show on JVBaptie.com

Praise for The Forgotten

man standing in front of the door,murder concept,illustration painting

“A genuine page turner” – bestselling author, Alex Gray

“Fast-paced and gritty Tartan Noir. A Brilliant Debut.” – bestselling author, Frances Di Plino

“Gritty and compelling. Fans of Rebus will love this.” – thriller author, E.A Clark.

“Memorable and smart.” – author, Tom Ward

“I love the way J.V. makes you feel you are in 1977” – author, Joan Livingston

JV Baptie Interviews

Crime Writing by JV Baptie | Into It on BBC Social, talking about her journey to becoming a published author, how Edinburgh inspires her and her stories, and shares some wisdom to those who are looking to become writers.

Books by Women – Women Writers, Women’s Books

My Road to Publication

Humanity Hallows – Manchester Metropolitan University’s official student magazine.

The captivating and twisted world of The Forgotten

A formidable murder mystery that has gathered rave reviews from popular writers


Isabella May Author

JV Baptie, whose debut novel, The Forgotten, you won’t forget in a hurry!

James et Moi


The Forgotten Reviews

Book Lovers’ Booklist – Book news and reviews

…it’s this authentic sense of an almost forgotten time and place that makes The Forgotten by JV Baptie, a graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University’s MA in Creative Writing, such an intriguing thriller.

Truly those were the days…and Baptie evokes them brilliantly.

Add in a vicious serial killer, whose victims appear to be chosen at random, a hint of corruption and an alcoholic boyfriend, and this is a layered and thought-provoking crime thriller debut from Baptie.

Reviews on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39724711-the-forgotten

The story builds as the clues are slowly revealed, until the sprint at the end that will leave the reader breathless.

Another thing that I loved about this book was Helen’s character. She was such strong, brave and determined woman.

A great read and a very believable storyline, I can’t wait for your next book

Helen is a complex character. … There’s a really good mystery afoot, and I’m glad Helen had her hand in solving it.

Scots Whay Hae! – Talking about Scottish culture so you don’t have to.

Baptie captures the time and place beautifully, evoking the smells, sights, sounds and attitudes of the ’70s.

The Forgotten is high quality crime fiction which marks J.V. Baptie as a writer to take note of right now.

Ginger Book Geek – A ginger haired bookworm who loves reading.

Reading this book became a serious addiction and I just needed to get my next ‘fix’ of one more page, one more chapter and so on.

I loved everything about the book from the writing style to the characters to the story to the setting and well you get the picture.


The Forgotten Blog Tour

11 June 2018 – Cancer Sucks – written by Ali the Dragon Slayer, raising awareness of Leiomyosarcoma and winner of Inspirational Blog of 2018 at the Annual Bloggers Bash

#BlogTour #Excerpt ~ The Forgotten by J.V. Baptie @jvbaptie @crookedcatbooks #LoveBooksGroupTours

11 June 2018 – Portobello Book Blog – Written by Joanne and she’s passionate about reading! She enjoys a wide variety of books but would say her favourite genres are contemporary fiction or thrillers and she also enjoys a good love story.

11 June 2018 – Portable Magic 


12 June 2018 – Being Anne – Books, travel, and other things that make life interesting

The Forgotten by @jvbaptie @crookedcatbooks @LoveBooksGroup #crimefiction #tartannoir

12 June 2018 – Elementaryvwatson – written by thirty-something Vic, a book-worm, writer who loves all things cultural and arty.


12 June 2018 – Reflections of a Reader – written by Leah, a long term love affair with books started when she was a small child.


12 June 2018 – Short Book and Scribes – To the point book reviews and other bookish stuff

#BlogTour #Extract from The Forgotten by J.V. Baptie @jvbaptie @crookedcatbooks #LoveBooksGroupTours

13 June 2018 – There’s Been a Murder – for lovers of crime noir


13 June 2018 – There’s Something About KM – written by Kelsey, a UMaine alumna, Oxford comma user, professional copywriter, proofreader, amateur adult, terrible sleeper, expert daydreamer, arachnophobia sufferer.


15 June 2018 – Black Books Blog

 …a really engaging read which I couldn’t put down


16 June 2018 – Donna’s Book Blog – written by Donna, she is an avid reader and she reads hundreds of books each year.  She started to review books sent to her through NetGalley in January 2015 and has been lucky enough to review some amazing books.  She has recently sent back my 1400th review through them!


17 June 2018 – Books n All – Crime books, Book reviews, Blog tours and more

…enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning …an enjoyable read


18 June 2018 – Joanna Larum’s Reviews on GoodReads

The story moves forward at a very fast pace and the body count starts to climb, until Helen throws caution to the winds and enters where angels would fear to tread, solving the case in a spectacular manner.


19 June 2018 – On The Shelf Reviews – I never feel lonely if I have a book

Overall a promising debut that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good police procedural.


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