How to Fully Reset an NTFS Filesystem

I’ve recently needed to reorganise a very large (>3.5 TB), very complex (millions of folders, tens of millions of files) NTFS filesystem which had been allowed to evolve slowly over the years into a great big mess. Share permissions were a little too liberal, so users of varying technical competence had run riot – applying […]

GoDaddy and Auto-Renewing Exchange SSL Certificates

I got an email recently saying my Exchange SSL Certificate had been auto-renewed. That’s fine, it’s one of the services that GoDaddy do well. I use them for all my SSL certificate needs, but this is the first time I’ve had an auto-renewal. However, installing it wasn’t quite as easy as “auto-renewal” implies. When I […]

Moving to a new iPhone with iOS Beta Versions

I recently had to temporarily move to a spare iPhone from my main one, then back again following a repair and restore drama. Because I like to test the latest software where possible, I am part of the Apple beta program, so my phone was running iOS 11.4 beta 4. iCloud backups were turned on, […]